July 27, 2022

Beautiful Jamaica from beaches to mountains

By Philippe Jolicoeur
great picture of beach in Jamaica

Dating back to when Christopher Columbus first landed on the island in 1494, Jamaica has been a top tourist destination. With its stunningly blue waters and lush jungles, it's easy to see why. This year, I finally made the trip down south and discovered for myself what makes this place so special. From the friendly locals to the amazing food, here are just a few of my favorite things about Jamaica.

 There are many beautiful beaches in the Caribbean with turquoise waters and white sand. Jamaica, on the other hand, has a distinct flavour that sets it apart. The country  offers some of the best coffee an rum in the world as well as unique cuisine .  For others, it's the jerked chicken that's the enticing part of the meal. Clubs that play reggae music into the wee hours of the morning may be to blame. Others see the island's laid-back atmosphere as a welcome respite from the pressures of the 9-5 grind.

 Chicken, pork, and fish with jerk seasonings ,Jerked meat can be any type of meat. Make sure to get jerked pork seasoned with Scotch Bonnet peppers if you want a truly spicy meal. In spite of the fact that many dishes were brought to Jamaica by slaves from other cultures, ackee and salt fish are truly Jamaican. Take a look at the grill.Flaky pastry stuffed with spiced ground beef, Jamaican Patties elevate Pizza Pops to a whole new level of decadence.

 Natural fermentation, also known as "wild" fermenation, is responsible for the robust flavour of full-bodied rums you will find in Jamaica. Because of the long history of this method, Jamaican rum, which is known for its uniquew  flavour, is made by distilling molasses in large barrels known as "puncheons.The Dark and Stormy Cocktail with Ginger beer, dark rum, and lime in a delicious concoction. In a single sip, you can experience a taste of Jamaica's sugar and ginger trade history!.

 Some of the most sought out coffee in the world is produced here. The Jamaican Blue Mountain varietal is frequently cited as one of the world's most sought-after coffees. Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is one of the rarest and most expensive coffees on the market because of its floral flavour, bright acidity, and absence of bitterness.

 Montego Bay is ideal for first-time visitors who prefer a simple and straightforward vacation. The ebb and flow of Montego Bay's inhabitants is synchronised with the arrival and departure of cruise ships. The cruise ships will bring in a lot of tourists who are looking to have a good time. There is no harm in strolling along Doctor's Cove Cave beach's Hip Strip because, even if you need a break to eat, you're never too far from the water. A day trip to either Ocho Rios or Negril is also possible from this location.

 Kingston, the capital of Jamaica, is home to a slew of nightclubs, bars, and restaurants, so there's never a dull moment. To take a break from the festivities, you can head to the Blue Mountains to try incredible coffee, or south to some incredible beaches. Our fave is Boardwalk Beach.

 Ocho Rios is ideal for tourists who enjoy outdoor activities and sightseeing. So, you're torn between an exhilarating zip-lining trip and an outing to a remote waterfall? The good news is that Ocho Rios has ziplining, waterfalls, beautiful beaches, and fantastic shopping for you to enjoy! Mammee Bay Beach was our personal favourite.

 For those who love the outdoors, the South coast is calling you .The two-hour drive from the airport to Montego Bay takes you through lush, tropical countryside and past waterfalls, lagoons, and rivers, all of which make for a memorable trip. A safari on the Black River, a breathtaking view of Lover's Leap's cliffs, and a less luxurious but honest view of Jamaica are all included in this tour. Fonthill Beach Park is the best beach in the area.

 Overall, our trip to Jamaica was amazing. The beaches were beautiful, the food was delicious, and the people were friendly. We loved spending time in Ocho Rios and exploring as much as the island had to offer. I would definitely recommend a trip to Jamaica for anyone looking for an adventure-filled vacation!







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