October 13, 2021

Freeze Dried Coffee

By stephanie w
Freeze Dried Coffee
Today we will explore the freeze dried  process that we use for our No|7 brand.
The main difference between instant coffee and freeze dried coffees  is how they are processed. Our instant coffees are created through spray drying while our freeze dried coffee its creat by …get ready for this : freeze drying. Freeze dried coffee can have higher quality and better taste due to the flavor preserving process, while instant coffees can taste more burnt. This is why we add our cane sugar in our process of 1936 Torrefacto coffees.The late stages of roasting produce the most heat, so rather than the sugar adding sweetness, it is burnt and coats the beans in a shiny, delicious caramel colour which gives our coffees their unique flavour and aroma. This venerable technique provides a unique and exquisite alternative for coffee lovers while supplying added antioxidants.

Aside from the difference in physical form, both our freeze dried and instant coffees are made from 100 % Arabica coffee of beans. 
Here is a quick run explanation of the process of freeze dried coffee . Again, I will try not to be to technical !
Freeze drying

•  Freeze drying may be used instead of spray drying. The process involves four steps, beginning with "primary freezing." Coffee extract is chilled to a slushy consistency at about 20°F (-6°C).
•The prechilled slush is placed on a steel belt, trays, or drums and further cooled in a series of steps, until it reaches a temperature of (-50)°F. Quick cooling processes (taking 30-120 seconds) result in smaller, lighter colored products, while slower processes (taking 10-180 minutes) generate larger, darker granules.
• he slabs of ice are broken into pieces and ground into particles of the proper size for the drying step. The particles are sieved to ensure proper sizing, and those that are too small are melted and returned to the primary freezing stage.
• The frozen particles are sent into a drying chamber where, under proper conditions of heat and vacuum, the ice vaporizes and is removed.
This is why the particles are different in freeze dried coffees than instant coffee . So we ask :
Freeze dried or Instant coffees which is better ????
It depends on taste, your taste. 1936 Torrefacto instant coffees are created through spray drying while our No7 brand instant coffee is created through freeze drying. Freeze dried coffee can have higher quality and better taste due to the flavor preserving process. This process is more expensive . instant coffees can taste more burn, this is why 1936 coffees are so delicious . We add a bit of cane sugar to the process to add a smooth taste .
Although the North American market has seen a reduction since iyt’s heyday of the 70 ’s , instant coffees are seeing a resurgence in quality and sales . The market for instant coffee is expanding globally, especially in China. Previously, a tea drinking country , China  is now the fourth largest market for instant coffee, also known as ready to drink (RTD) coffee.Do you like the biz talk ? = ) Russia is also an emerging coffee market. Of course , the instant coffee industry is rooted in the United Kingdom, which has consumed instant coffee for decades.

Whether or not you like instant coffee, give our coffees a try.  They are 100 % arabica coffees that are definitely more convenient and economical than brewing coffee from whole beans.

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