March 15, 2022

Unique Coffee Styles from Around the World

By Philippe Jolicoeur
jar of 1936 vanilla instant coffee next to world globe
We have talked a lot about how we like to drink our coffee here at 1936 Coffee but today, since we ship around the world, we wanted to take a dive into some of the most popular coffee stylings from across the world.

Spain: Café Cortado
Café Cortado is a Spanish style of Espresso coffee which consists of espresso and an equal part of steamed milk. It is customary for the steamed milk to not be frothed or textured in any way, in order to create a smooth, consistent blend of the coffee and the milk.

Mexico: Café de Olla
Café de Olla is a traditional Mexican drink which is made using traditional clay pots made by artisans in Mexico, which imparts an earthy taste to the coffee. The drink is typically prepared using ground coffee, cinnamon, and piloncillo, which is an unrefined cane sugar popular in Latin America.

Italy: Espresso Romano
The brewing method of Espresso (very concentrated coffee brewed using a very small amount of hot water) which can today be found at just about every coffee shop around the world originated in Italy at the beginning of the 20th century. One Italian tradition for drinking this concentrated coffee is by pairing the coffee with a slice of lemon. The addition of the citrus is said to complement the acidity of the coffee and highlight the overall flavor profile. Story has it, this practice started in World War II, when water was scarce and cafes used lemon to sanitize used coffee cups.

Brazil: Cafezinho
Alongside Caipirinha, Cafezinho is one of the most popular drinks for locals in Brazil. It is similar to Espresso, a small, very concentrated cup of coffee. A main distinction is that Cafezinho has a sweeter, almost caramel-like flavor profile, as a result of being brewed with rapadura (Brazilian unrefined sugar) during the brewing process.

Spain: Cafe Bombon
Cafe Bombon gets its name for the spanish word for confection or candy- so if you have a sweet tooth this is the coffee drink for you! The sweetness of the drink comes from its one to one ratio of equal parts black coffee and sweetened condensed milk.

Portugal: Mazagran
Originally invented in Algeria , where it was common to drink an iced coffee drink consisting of water, ice, and espresso, Mazagran became what it is known as today when the Portuguese replaced water with Lemon juice or Lemon soda, to create a refreshing summer drink which combines the sweet citrus of lemon with the grounded acidity of espresso.

Argentina: Cafe Lagrima
Cafe Lagrima is named after the Spanish word for teardrop, which is supposed to represent the amount of coffee that is used in this drink. This traditional Argentinian coffee is essentially an inverse of a macchiato, it’s a cup of steamed milk marked by a very small splash of espresso poured over the milk. If you handed us a cup of coffee with only a drop of espresso, you might see some teardrops too!

Greece: Frappé
In 1957 a Nestle representative named Dimitris Vakondios working for the newly developed Nescafé instant coffee in Greece invented a drink consisting of iced instant coffee, sugar, and milk foam. Today it is the most popular form of coffee in Greece and Cyprus.

Vietnam: Cà phê đá
This style of iced coffee (also referred to as Vietnamese Iced Coffee) is made using medium to coarse Vietnamese coffee using a small metal drip filter unique to Vietnam. This filter drips coffee slowly into an individual cup. This coffee is then poured over ice and traditionally prepared by mixing the coffee with sweetened condensed milk, resulting in a creamy refreshing coffee forward drink.

So, the next time you’re traveling and see a coffee shop with an enticing name or logo, go inside and explore. Chances are, you’ll find something new and exciting to enjoy. And who knows? You might just find your new favorite coffee style. Do you have a favorite unique coffee style from around the world? Let us know in the comments below!

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