September 01, 2022

1936 Coffee and Caramel Slushy

By Philippe Jolicoeur
delicious coffee and Carmel slushy
I'm not sure if it's the weather or what, but all I've been wanting lately is a good coffee slushy. I had one at Starbucks the other day and it was good but also super expensive. So I decided to try making my own at home and this is the recipe that I came up with. It's really easy to make and you can customize it however you like. The best part is that it's a lot cheaper than buying one from Starbucks! Give it a try and let me know what you think.

• 2 tsp !936 Torrefacto Instant Coffee (Vanilla, Chocolate,Hazelnut,Cinnamon & Spices or Cubano Silver)
• 1 tbsp caramel syrup
• 2 tbsp cream
• Ice


• Step 1

Pour hot water over the coffee and mix thoroughly.
• Step 2
Put ice cubes, syrup, cream, and brewed coffee in a blender and blend until smooth.

• Step 3

Turn blender on high and blend until slushy.

• Step 4

You can add some whipped cream to the top and pour into a glass. Additional caramel syrup may be drizzled on top.

1936 Coffee and caramel slushie is a great drink for summer. It's perfect for those hot days when you want something cold and refreshing to drink. The coffee gives it a nice flavor, while the caramel makes it sweet and delicious. I would definitely recommend giving this drink a try if you're looking for something new to drink this Labor Day weekend.

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