August 18, 2022

Instant, 1936 Instant Cold Coffee Recipe !

By Philippe Jolicoeur
Instant, 1936 Instant Cold Coffee Recipe !

Iced coffee is a refreshing drink on a hot day, but sometimes it's nice to have something a little different. That's where instant iced coffee comes in ,it's easy to make and perfect for those dog days of Summer days when you want something cold and caffeinated. Plus, you can customize it however you like thanks to all our delicious 1936 Coffee flavours ! Read on for our favourite instant iced coffee recipe.

The conventional wisdom holds that instant coffee must be prepared with hot water.Simply combine the instant coffee with cold water, add the milk, and stir.The coffee may take a minute or two to dissolve, but it will.

Mine is done when I give it a good stir, leave it alone for a minute or two, and then give it another stir. Who needs Starbucks? iced coffee can be made just as easily at home with a little know-how. Plus, it's cheaper and you can customize it to your own preferences.

I'll give you the exact proportions I use for my ideal iced coffee, or you can adjust the recipe to your liking.



• 2 tablespoons 1936 Torrefacto Instant Coffee grounds (Any of our 6 flavours are delicious )
• Cold water
• Your favorite creamer
• Ice


• Step 1

1936 Torre facto Instant Coffee and your favourite creamer should be combined in a glass and stirred thoroughly.

• Step 2
Fill glass with cold water (1 - ½ cups depending on how strong you like it

• Step 3

Stir constantly and allow coffee to fully dissolve. (we don’t like to brag but our 1936 Coffee disolves particulary well)

• Step 4

Add lots ofice and enjoy

• Step 5

Repeat !

Although iced instant coffee may seem like an odd choice to some, it's actually a great way to get your caffeine fix on a hot day. With the different flavours of 1936 Instant coffees available the possibilities are endless, Plus, it's easy and convenient to make. Have you tried iced instant coffee? What did you think?

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