February 05, 2022

Instant Coffee & Ice Cream . So easy , so delicious.

By Philippe Jolicoeur
cup of ice cream with instant coffee

We have a passionate fan club in the Dallas area that swears by this dessert . Contrary to other instant coffees in the market , 1936 torrefacto instant coffee is light, fluffy and mixes and dissolves particularly well. Of course we are passionate about our coffees but we were pleasantly surprise how easy and delicious this desert is. Think Premium McFlurry without getting upset about the machine being broken down.



1- In a bowl put a big scoop of premium vanilla ice cream ( We are old school and love Häagen-Dazs ).

2- Add a heaping table spoon of 1936 torrefacto instant coffee of your choice.

3 -Marvel at the sparkly flavour crystals of our flavoured coffees.

4-Mix the creamy ice cream with the delicious coffee, until you get a smooth blend , with a bit of crunch.

4- Enjoy

5-Repeat , with all our different flavours ; Chocolate, Hazelnut, Vanilla, Cinnamon & Spice or original Cubano Silver Dark.

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