March 28, 2022

Mazagran Coffee

By Philippe Jolicoeur
cup of coffee with lemon

Mazagran is a coffee with a unique flavor and history. It's named after the first French military expedition to Algeria in 1837, and was created by a French officer who wanted to make a coffee that would keep him alert on long missions. Today, mazagran can be found all over the world, but still retains its unique taste and caffeine boost. Whether you're looking for an interesting new coffee to try or want to learn more about this historic drink, read on for everything you need to know about Mazagran coffee.

Mazagran became what it is known as today when the Portuguese replaced water with Lemon juice or Lemon soda, to create a refreshing summer drink which combines the sweet citrus of lemon with the grounded acidity of our 1936 Coffee.



2 table spoons 1936 Cubano Silver Dark Roast 
1 lemon 
White sugar or honey to taste
Ice or coffee ice


Pour ice into a tall glass. Fill the glass with ice . For a stronger drink, use coffee ice cubes.

Prepare a cup of 1936 Coffee

Add a sweetener. Mix white sugar, honey, or vanilla extract into the hot coffee.

Then let the mixture cool for a few minutes.

Pour the cup of 1936 Cubano Silver on top of the ice.

Squeeze in fresh lemon juice. Depending on how much you like sour flavors, you may want to add more or less lemon juice. We like squeezing a whole lemon (about 2 tablespoon of juice). Then stir, taste, and adjust if needed!

Garnish with a lemon slice and enjoy. You are now ready to enjoy your iced lemon coffee and stay awake for your next mission !

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