January 28, 2022

Quick, Easy & Delicious Indian Style Coffee !!!

By Philippe Jolicoeur
Quick, Easy & Delicious Indian Style Coffee !!!

I have traveled 5 times to India and adore the people , culture and cuisine. India is another world in itself . 

Indian-style coffee is a whole different experience from regular American style coffee. In order for me to get the taste just right, my good friend Amir's mother showed me how Indians take their black drink seriously! I learned that they don't use any cream or sugar in these drinks and instead enjoy extra hot temperatures with lots of milk which creates an aromatic profile not too unlike what you would find at your local coffeeshop while being at home ! 

This is the easiest way to make a caramel coffee drink. Simply mix 1 tablespoon of 1936 Instant Coffee with water, and then add in some more until you get an energizing creamy paste-like consistency . Now all that’s left for us are our favourite parts: boiling up some milk on high heat so it boils rapidly when dropped into your cup; adding said hot fluid straight from stovetop onto steaming sweet creaminess right away before pouring over sugar if desired (although we recommend trying without!).


1- In a cup mix 1 tablespoon of 1936 Instant coffee with a bit of water and mix (vigorously) until you get a creamy paste . Continue until you get a caramel colour.

2- Boil a cup of milk .

3 -Mix creamy paste in the milk and voila ! You can add sugar if you wish , but remember that our coffees already contain a bit of cane sugar .

4- Drink


6 - Do as Amir's mom ; repeat daily .


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