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1936 Torrefacto Chocolate Instant Coffee


✔️ Unique since 1936

✔️ Born in Spain Crafted in Mexico

✔️ 100 % Arabica Coffee from Mexico

✔️ Made with Cane Sugar 

✔️Low Sugar content

✔️High Antioxidants 

✔️Gluten free

✔️Non GMO

✔️18 months shelf life 

✔️Orthodox Union Kosher Certified

Do you sometimes find that coffee is too bitter? You won't have this issue with Café 1936 Chocolate, a Torrefacto style, glazed instant coffee with a rich chocolate flavour. This instant coffee is the perfect balance between the coffee flavour and the sweetness of chocolate. 

Crafted with 100% Arabica coffee beans, thoughtfully grown and batch roasted in the highlands of Mexico, Café 1936 Torrefacto Chocolate instant coffee is an unparalleled, innovative, quality offering.

Origin: Mexico