Hazelnut Torrefacto Instant Coffee

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Café 1936 Chocolate is a Torrefacto style, glazed instant coffee.

Crafted with 100% Arabica coffee beans, thoughtfully grown and batch roasted in the highlands of Mexico, Café 1936 Torrefacto Hazelnut instant coffee is an unparalleled, innovative, quality offering.

Origin: Mexico

What Does Torrefacto Mean?

instant coffee

This process was invented in Spain in 1936 and enjoyed ever since in Cuba and other Latin American countries.

It is created by adding small amounts of pure cane sugar at the end of the roasting process. The last stages of roasting produce the most heat, so rather than the sugar adding sweetness, it is burnt and coats the beans in a shiny, delicious caramel colour which gives our coffees their unique flavour and aroma.

This venerable technique provides a unique and exquisite alternative for coffee lovers while supplying more added antioxidants than standard roasts. 

The Torrefacto process allows our instant coffee to be kept fresh for longer.

Some Instant Coffee Recipes To Inspire You

  • Dense 1936 Coffee Pound Cake

    our dense 1936 coffee pound cake
    Coffee pound cake has a rich coffee taste and is a dense, moist cake with a tender crumb. All-purpose flour, sugar, butter, eggs, baking soda, salt, vanilla essence, and our 1936 coffee are used in its preparation.
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